Louise Nevelson mused, “Art is everywhere, it just has to pass through a creative mind." Inspired by this credo, contemporary artist Davia's innovative paintings are a testament to this ideology. Channeling flowing abstract imagery inspired by nature, these powerful paintings are a contemporary lens exploring the modern world as each work proves incisive and revelatory in showcasing the ever-changing face of the universe around us. Deconstructing reality, her works are incarnations of humanity as her oeuvre reverberates with vivid sweeping lines, flowing forms and dreamlike patterning. With superb gestural amplitude, free-flowing expressionist shapes, illuminated pigments and glimmering light, her dynamic, visionary compositions are tactile and deeply textured. Through an emphasis on contrast, proportion and pattern, her emotions and scenic moods are brought forth as her compositions reflect a connection between the disharmony and balance of the universe.


Davia’s "Dreaming Realities" compositions anthropomorphize into a spiritual harmony uniting humankind with the universe as her artworks become meditative portals for viewers to imagine and mediate. Through these labyrinthine creations, she transports the viewer to a natural paradise where one may contemplate the power, purity and sanctity of nature. Manifesting her sacred connection with the world, Davia imbues her bountiful canvases with a spirit of freedom, resonating with visual majesty and sublime power. An emotional quality is transmitted which becomes the true essence of her expressionistic style of painting, using the medium of paint and canvas to become a symbol of one's emotions. Incorporating rich metaphors into her oeuvre, Davia often couples her own poetry with her paintings. In Davia’s, "The Matrix," the letter 'G' is ingrained into the composition to represent the omnipotence of the universe. “G is a letter often used for expressing the Divine Consciousness," explains Davia. "I painted it reversed to show the cosmos from the viewpoint of the G contemplating this infinite field of infinite possibilities."


Utilizing a spectral palette of colorful hues to create mesmerizing compositions that portray a captivating visual syntax, her canvases radiate the existential reality of the universe.  Her individual style builds form from organic lines composed of a color wheel of bright hues. Looping, weaving, twisting parallel lines coalesce into concentric circular forms, as rectilinear pathways and repetitious arches sprawl throughout the picture plane. The repetition of staccato strokes juxtaposed against the diversity of color visually stimulates the space as if each swirling shape were animated illustrations undulating to musical beats. Davia’s abstract compositions draw viewers' attention to follow the finite passageways that whirl throughout the canvases.


Believing that "art is only good if it touches another's soul and inspires them to express their own creativity," Davia's sensitive and unique narrative and personal message transcends culture and country as the artist is successful in communicating her reflections, ideas and conceptions. Born and raised in the South of France, Davia now resides in Florida. Highly acclaimed throughout France, Europe and the U.S., Davia's original paintings are treasured in both public and private collections worldwide.  Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this international star!